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Friendly Results

Southminster BC 61-70 Runwell BC

Rink scores:

D. Marshall, K. Neale, J Paveley 10-26.

G.Barre/M. Gardiner, P. Argent, D Saward 20-10.

R. Kempen, E. Barker/M. Jones, P. Lacey 23-16.

J. Argent, C. Shipton, B. Wright 8-24.

Southminster BC Ladies 28-12 Burnham BC Ladies

Rink scores:

D. Marshall, A. Glover, M. Gardiner 15-5.

J. Argent, G.Barre, P. Lacey 13-7.

Southminster BC 52 v 42 Corringham BC

Rink scores:

K. Neale, P. Argent, P. Lacey 20-14.

J. Argent, A. Glover, D. Saward 18-11

D. Marshall, C. Shipton, B. Wright 14-17

Southminster BC 66 v 53 Burnham BC

Rink scores:

T. Shipton, R. Kempen, D. Shipton 24-12

C. Baker, P. Barker, P. Sullivan 17-12

K. Riley, P. Argent, E. Barker 12-18

K. Neale, J. Waumsley, T. Diaz 13-11

Southminster BC 104 v 45 South Woodham BC

Rink scores:

D. Marshall, P. Argent, E. Barker 29-11

P. Barker, C. Baker, K. Burridge 25-11

J. Argent, M. Jones, J. Waumsley 20-15

K. Neale, C. Hales, C. Shipton 30-8

Southminster BC Ladies 46-19 Tillingham Ladies

Rink scores:

D. Marshall, A. Glover, M. Gardiner 27-5.

S. Melhuish/J. Paveley, C. Hales, P. Lacey 19-14.

Southminster BC 99-81 Tillingham BC

Rink scores:

D. Marshall, C. Marshall, B. Wright 22-10

P. Argent, M. Gardiner, D. Saward 28-11

J. Argent, C. Shipton, T. Robinson 17-12

K. Neale, C. Hales, K. Burridge 18-10

G. Barre, J. Manning, M. Barre 14-18

Southminster BC 59 v 77 Writtle BC

Rink scores:

J. Argent, K. Sanders, K. Burridge 9-14

C. Hales, P. Argent, T. Robinson 20-13

K. Riley, R. Kempen, P. Lacey 22-16

K.Neale, M. Gardiner, B. Wright 8-24

Southminster BC 40 v 41 Burnham BC

Rink scores:

D. Marshall, R. Kempen, C. Marshall 11-16

J. Argent, P. Argent, D. Saward 16-13

K. Riley, M. Gardiner, B. Wright 13-12

Southminster BC Ladies 32 v 35 Maldon BC Ladies

Rink scores:

S.Melhuish, A. Glover, P. Lacey 22-10.

D. Marshall, J.Argent, J. Paveley 10-25

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