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Before the game

Always dress properly for all games.

Become conversant with the laws and rules of any competition that you have entered.

Always be on time for a game, if delayed get a message to the Captain of the day.

Introduce yourself and shake hands with opponents at the start of the game

During the game

At the start of, and during a game, hand your opposing lead the jack or mat as appropriate. 

Stand still and quietly behind the mat when a player is about to bowl.

Stand still behind “the head” as a player is about to bowl from the far end. 

Keep to your own rink at all times.

Compliment your opponent on a “good bowl”.

Pay attention to the game. Don’t keep wandering off the rink.

Acknowledge your skip’s instructions.

Look at your bowl until it comes to rest. 

When a “firm bowl” is to be played stand clear of any movement of jack or bowls.

Praise and encourage your own team.

Be a player that everyone enjoys having on the team.

When playing skip give a positive indication of the distance and direction required to centre the jack.

Things to avoid

Stay out of “the head” when No.3’s are deciding the number of shots (but be interested)

Walking along the bank when a player is about to bowl from the far end.

Standing in front of “back bowls”, rink markers or rink number plates.

Criticising other players on the green.

Moaning about a “lucky wick” - we all get our share. 

Criticising the green - particularly when playing at an “away green”.

After the game

Shake hands with your opponent and be sociable - offer to buy your opponent a drink especially after “home” fixtures.

Always be humble in victory and generous in defeat. Don’t forget you can’t win them all!

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